PJ Christie’s Lean Dialog

Social Media Week Austin
February 21, 2018
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PJ Christie’s Lean Dialog

The Lean Dialog Team Vickie Flaugher, Erica Scassa, and PJ Christie took the Product Camp Austin prize for Best Session.

Lean Dialog was the first time anyone had ever visually organized a printed document and talk entrepreneurs through the product to market fit, experimenting using the scientific model to validate assumptions, and use the MoSCoW analysis to define the Minimum Viable Product.

It won best session at Product Camp 9 Austin. Sorry these attachments are so huge but it provides the best large imagery for you to chop up and use including the MoSCoW.
Let’s say for example that we booked a paid discovery session, what does that look like?
Probably the team and I it would to take you and your team through Lean Dialog in a three hour session. I could give you some homework to prepare for it, and then we could spend the bulk of the time identifying your risky assumptions, how you can further test for them, and move closer towards true customer validation.

Statement of Work


You want to plan for a new business venture and want to identify your risky assumptions, and will leverage professional help to improve the venture and plan a Minimum Viable Product.


Use Lean Customer Development to continue to refine the MVP for the application.


Lean Customer Development services in user interviews and product creation. Using the Award Winning Lean Dialog program Search and Convert helps create a good fit between the product and market.

The Lean Dialog program includes the identification of risky assumptions, the experiments to validate those assumptions and reduce risk, and identifying the right features for the MVP. This Lean Consulting is in scope.




Estimated Time to Delivery – 2 Weeks from Kickoff.

We would love to hear about your business:) Send us a message to our Google Voice Line

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