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General Questions

1What about custom work or day rates?
That’s negotiable. It’s going to be based on a slightly higher rate than our standard hourly. We can talk about it.
2What about skin in the game or percentage of sales agreements?
We do not seriously consider these types of arrangements.
3Would you be interested in a small project?
I love small projects if they fit in with our company goals of diversity and fairness.
4Will you offshore to my overseas team?
We do not seriously consider these types of arrangements. Do not call.
5Are you hiring?
I always keep resumes on file in case the need comes up, especially for candidates that fit our company goals. But we don’t need interns or people who want to learn the ropes on our client’s budgets.
6Can I meet you for coffee? Can I pick your brain?
Everyone gets a free 30 minute consultation. After that our consulting sessions are billed at an hourly rate of $120 and hour.
7Do you sign NDA’s?
I really can’t believe people ask this question, but yes. Here’s the thing. If I sign an NDA all my advice suddenly becomes very general. History shows that relationships that start with me driving many miles to sign an NDA to discuss your idea, usually ends up being a waste of both of our time. You learn nothing from me, I’m stressed out because my clients are hitting me up all the way through your meeting, I don’t retain the details of your concept because there’s often no execution behind it. I’ll probably pitch you a day rate instead.
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